Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spotting yesterday - but everything is okay

Yesterday I was faced with something I was so scared was going to happen. I went to the bathroom, wiped and saw bright red blood. My world stopped, I don't think I even took a breath. I wiped again and there was more. Let me clarify, there was not a lot, but it was there and it was so scary. Luckily I was at work so I went over the prenatal clinic, in tears I might add and asked for an u/s.

They did it right away, and they of course wouldn't tell me anything. She only had to do it abdominaly as opposed to having to do it trans-vaginally as well so that was reassuring. When I got back upstairs I saw the results and the baby was fine, there was no reason for the spotting on the u/s. The baby looked good and the heart was beating away....quite quickly I might add, but so was mine!

I had played baseball the previous weekend, and needless to say, I am no longer playing. I will be cheering the team on from the bench!

It is a thin line to walk - at first I was so scared to do anything, no exercise, no sex, no baseball - but then after a conversation with my OB she reminded me that I needed to live life, I can't just lay still for 9 months or I will drive myself I am trying to live life while growing a life inside me and it is still hard. I will go a little slower, but still try to keep some sanity.

I was going to go back to work today and tomorrow but I was told to go home and put my feet up, so I am officially on vacation and plan on enjoying every minute of it! At least I can try!


  1. Glad everything checked out ok. Praying for you and hoping things all turn out wonderful for you.


  2. Why does it all have to be so scary?! After all we have been through, it would be nice to have an easy breezy pregnancy.

    I too stayed active, I too started spotting, I too have slowed down and my Dr also told me to keep living even though I would like to cocoon myself until the end of January!

    I am glad to her your babe was super active!! Enjoy your "vacation" as much as you can!


  3. glad everything checked out fine. Sending you ((HUGS))

  4. I am so glad that everything is OK. Many *hugs*

  5. I know it was a big relief to know that it was all OK. Praying it continues to go well.

  6. i am pretty stoked i can actually read this regularly now that i have real internet!!!!!!!!!!!! love you!