Wednesday, August 18, 2010

12w1d - Love at first sight!

So I can say that I officially made it to 12 weeks!! Yeah me, yeah baby! I was working nights Monday and just after midnight Brian called and wished me "Happy 12 weeks". It was very sweet!

I had my 12 week IPS u/s done today and for the first time we got to really look at the little one. With a tear running down my check I was so happy to see the baby squirming around in there. Brian came in and saw I was crying and looked panicked, but I told him they were happy tears...then he got to see the baby too. Love at first sight!

Tomorrow I see the Perinatologist, I am looking forward to what she has to say/recommend. I will blog again tomorrow with news from that apt! I am still taking it one day at a time, but I am more optimistic now than I was before....cautiously optimistic b/c I know the reality of what can happen, but none the less, optimistic!


  1. Yay for 12 weeks :)

    I'll be looking for your peri post tomorrow...My peri was a godsend during my pregnancy with Cooper!

    Oh, and you know you're going have to post that cute baby's u/s pics! :)

  2. Yay for 12 wks. Keeping you in my prayers.