Thursday, August 19, 2010

Perinatologist apt

Today I met with Dr. Okun, who was fabulous. We went over my history and she was so compassionate and caring. She told the likelihood of having preterm rupture of membranes again was so so low, which helped but of course it still scares me.

We came up with a care plan, it may seem overdoing it some but after you have lost your child I don't think that there is overdoing it. I will have pretty regular u/s (@ 14, 18, 22 & 26 weeks) to watch my cervical length, do monthly urine and blood tests to check for infection and to watch my Anti-E titer levels. Overall I left the apt feeling good. My OB was actually on call so I told her how it all went and she was so supportive.

I don't have my u/s pictures back yet, the place says about a week for them to burn them onto a disk...but I will post them when I get them. The u/s tech showed me the little one again today, moving about in there. Oddly enough, and I know it is really early but I think I may have felt some movement at night for the past few nights, just faint faint little flutters inside....I can't wait to feel more. Also, I am finding that even though I haven't gained weight (I actually lost 4 pounds since I found out I was pregnant just trying to be healthier) my pants are getting snug around the waist. Especially when wearing jeans when sitting. Yesterday while Brian and I were at a restaurant I had to undo my pants! I guess it is time to bust out the Bella band. They do say you show earlier with your second...I think that may be right for me too. One time in my life when I am excited to have a belly!


  1. Keeping you in my prayers.


  2. I am so pleased to hear the excitement in your blog. I will continue to be praying for you and the little one!

  3. I am glad that everything went well. You definitely show earlier. The belly bump is a good thing to see again.