Saturday, September 25, 2010

Butterfly Release - 17w6d

Before I tell you about my day I wanted to say that for me butterflies have always been the thing I associate Jackson with. Over the past 2 years, whenever I see a butterfly it makes me smile, and I feel like Jackson is right there with me. Butterflies bring me a sense of calm, so it is pretty neat that they held the butterfly release the day before Jackson's anniversary.

Today was the 3rd annual Butterfly Release for Bereaved Families in York Region. I actually didn't even know about the Butterfly Release until I drove by a sign and looked into it. When I did look into it I realized I had missed the ordering date and didn't think more about it, until a good friend, Lea - messaged and told me she inquired and was able to order Butterflies for both her son Nicholas and Jackson. I am so lucky to have such great people in my life.

We went together this morning and it was a nice ceremony, some readings, so songs and they took the time to call out every single one of the people who were being remembered. Then everyone had butterflies that were in a little container that you were to open up. It apparently take the butterflies a moment or two to acclimatize and come around from sleeping inside. Well - when I opened my box it was a smaller baby butterfly, just by chance. It took him the longest time to really wake up and then he pretty much just hung out with me, on my hand, on my shirt. It felt right, like Jackson was sticking around a bit longer to hang out with his mommy - like he was too little to go out on his own. We got some beautiful pictures of Jackson's butterfly on my baby bump - like he was saying hello to his little brother or sister. We also got some nice shots of Nichloas and Jackson's butterflies together. It was really a nice event.

So as hard as tomorrow is for me, today made it just a little bit easier.


  1. What a beautiful picture. I hope that your heart can be at ease tomorrow for Jackson's Day. I am so glad you were able to release the butterflies today.

  2. I hope that your butterfly encounter helps you on Jackson's day. ((Hugs))