Wednesday, September 8, 2010 least for now!

I just wanted to write about a moment I had in the car today.

I went to the store to buy a few more pairs of Maternity jeans b/c as my belly grows more and more I am finding it harder and harder to do up my old pants. Brian also wanted me to pick up a name book b/c he is on a kick where he really wants to pick out a name. Driving home from the store I felt the peanut move - I have felt movement for a bit now, I only feel it every now and then, not everyday, but when I do feel like it is a few movements in a row and then nothing for days - but I am still so early so I am just thrilled to be feeling anything at all. So, as I was driving home I had this thought "This is how it is supposed to be." This is what having a baby should be like, I didn't feel scared or anxious, just happy. I had my maternity pants, a baby name book and a smile on my face.

I just want this feeling to stay for as long as it can...and when I am scared and stressed I am going to try to think of that moment and allow myself to be stressed, but then I am going to go back to trying to be happy. (Try to at least!!)

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  1. I love those moments. It is hard to sometimes be a normal pregnant woman.