Thursday, September 23, 2010

One thing after another...17w5d

So I saw my OB at work and she pulled me aside wanting to tell me about my IPS 2 screening. She told me that one of my levels was low -my Papp A level. Papp A has really only been paid attention to over the last year, and the most significant risk factor with Low Papp A is small birth weight or IUGR. Of course, when she told me I cried.

The most significant thing with Papp A is low birth weight, but there is also increased risks of other things I don't even want to write about or say. Needless to say they will be doing more testing and extra ultrasounds to ensure that everything is normal.

Then I thought about it and I have seen so many mom's come in lately with booked inductions for Low Papp A and there babies were fine, most of them were normal birth weights.

I just wanted everything to be as normal and low risk as possible and with each week I keep finding crap out, but then I remind myself it could be worse. All of my other testing was normal...and maybe it will all be fine.

On the bright side, hopefully this means I won't have to push out a 9+ lbs baby! Ha - I made a joke about all this...I am coping better than I thought!

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  1. I wish you all the best with what the outcome is and please remain positive as hard as that may be. I was induced for my first two boys both with IUGR and although they were small, one only needed a small bit of help with breathing and the other was perfectly healthy. Now they are thriving.