Monday, December 20, 2010


Wow - The last 3 weeks have been crazy busy and I just realized I hadn't really blogged in awhile. Well...I first want to start off by saying Holy crap - I made it to 30 weeks. I never really thought I would get to a gestation where there was a 3 in the front of it...but here we are. 30weeks and still growing.

I had an u/s last week that showed her to be approx. 3lbs 5oz, which to me seems so big. I know it is not, but compared to Jackson she is 3 times his size...and that just amazes me. She is such an active baby, kicking up a storm all the time. That it is my favourite part of this pregnancy, feeling her move. It doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing, when I feel her move I smile and am filled with an overwhelming sense of love.

We have been cervical length ultrasounds to watch my cervical length b/c it was funneling at the top, but it always was and still is closed at the bottom...which is the most important thing to worry about. So far so good. I see my OB tomorrow and we go from there, I am guessing I will have a few more u/s as the weeks go by...which I am okay with!

I am off until Dec 24th, so I plan on just relaxing on the couch, and then I am working 5 12 hour shifts in a row...which is going to be brutal...but I just have to get through them and then I have another week off....stupid Christmas schedule. And by that time I will have less than 1 month of work left. Crazy!!