Monday, December 20, 2010


Wow - The last 3 weeks have been crazy busy and I just realized I hadn't really blogged in awhile. Well...I first want to start off by saying Holy crap - I made it to 30 weeks. I never really thought I would get to a gestation where there was a 3 in the front of it...but here we are. 30weeks and still growing.

I had an u/s last week that showed her to be approx. 3lbs 5oz, which to me seems so big. I know it is not, but compared to Jackson she is 3 times his size...and that just amazes me. She is such an active baby, kicking up a storm all the time. That it is my favourite part of this pregnancy, feeling her move. It doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing, when I feel her move I smile and am filled with an overwhelming sense of love.

We have been cervical length ultrasounds to watch my cervical length b/c it was funneling at the top, but it always was and still is closed at the bottom...which is the most important thing to worry about. So far so good. I see my OB tomorrow and we go from there, I am guessing I will have a few more u/s as the weeks go by...which I am okay with!

I am off until Dec 24th, so I plan on just relaxing on the couch, and then I am working 5 12 hour shifts in a row...which is going to be brutal...but I just have to get through them and then I have another week off....stupid Christmas schedule. And by that time I will have less than 1 month of work left. Crazy!!


  1. COngrsts on getting this far. Five 12 hour shifts?!?! That sucks. Praying every thing continues to go smooth.

  2. Working over Christmas sucks, but just think...working that many shifts this Christmas SHOULD ensure that you are off next year to enjoy your little girl's first Christmas at home! YEAH!!!!! I can't wait to hear what name you pick out for this precious gift!
    32 weeks here she comes!