Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1 month check up

Julia had her 1 month check up and she is doing great! She is now up to 7lbs 15oz ~ which is more than 2lbs in the last month b/c she dropped down to 5lbs8oz in the hospital so we are doing something right!

My friend came over and took some adorable pictures of her, I have posted a few. I love the one with Jackson's Angel wings ~ like he is watching over her.

The nights are still really long, but the awesome days make up for it. I keep reminding myself that she was 5 weeks early so she needs time to catch up! She is down for a nap now, so I am going to jump in the shower! Enjoy the pictures!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Never thought I could be so tired! Just over 4 weeks old!

So here we are - Julia is in my arms as I write this and I couldn't be more happy. I also couldn't be more tired. Nothing can prepare you for the extreme exhaustion - not peeing 17 times a night, not working night shifts...nothing.

To say I am tired is an understatement. We are trying to do the Baby Whisperer - where basically she eats every 3 hrs during the day, after each feed we do some activity so she gets used to staying awake, then she sleeps. At night you are supposed to "tank her up" doing cluster feeds 2 hrs apart x2 and then a dream feed 2 hrs later, where you don't really wake her up, but feed her and put her right back to bed. Today is day 4 - it is going okay, she says not to expect much at first, it takes time for baby to get the routine. It is not a schedule, but a routine. Obviously if she wants to feed more, feed her more. We will see how it goes. There is a lot more to it, but that is the idea of it!

Tomorrow we have our 1 month apt with the Dr. I am anxious to see what she weighs, she definitely feels bigger and she is growing out of some of her newborn outfits. All in all she is doing well. She had a blocked tear duct that managed to clear up after a few days of cleaning it, draining it and using breast milk in it. I never knew that worked, but it does.

Yesterday we went out for a walk -I bundled her up and put her in her sling, and with the dog off we went. I didn't want to take the stroller b/c it is so mucky out with the dirty melted slushy snow. We walked for 45 mins, the sun was shining - it felt so good to be outside. I realized that I need to just suck it up and make a point to get out more - even if it isn't the nicest weather. I think I might just go to the mall and walk around there. Just being in the house is driving me a bit crazy.

Brian has been back to work for just over a week. The hardest part about that is that the nights are all me. I am lucky to say I have a very helpful husband who comes home and cooks dinner and cleans the house when I am too tired too - but a little part of me is jealous that he gets to sleep the night through with ear plugs in. Now of course I feel like a bad mother for saying that - I actually really love the time breastfeeding with Julia, at night time it is so quiet, just her and me - but I am looking forward to the day she sleeps a little better. I know we will get there. And I am not wishing this time away b/c I realize that it goes by so fast, and I also remember (every day) that I didn't get to do this with Jackson.

I had a friend over and Julia was making little noises - and she said that she believes that is when babies are talking to the angels. Who knows if it is true, but I am going to choose to believe that Julia gets to talk to her brother every day, that that is their special time together. Of course, as I type this tears are pouring down my face.

So that is where we are and what is going on. Blogging has been hard b/c I have been so tired...but tomorrow I will post again with an update from the Dr.!